401K/ IRA Rollovers

Roll Over Your Assets To An IRA

Potential Advantages

  • Tax-deferred growth is maintained
  • Expanded investment options
  • More distribution options at retirement
  • Greater flexibility for beneficiaries

When you change jobs, one option is to roll over your funds to an IRA or other eligible retirement funding vehicle.  This decision may preserve the potential for your savings to grow tax deferred.  IRAs may also allow for greater control over your assets, providing for certain pentalty-free withdrawals, including qualified education expenses for yourself, a child or granchild, or paying for a first-time home purchase, up to a maximum of $10,000.  Furthermore, an IRA rollover can provide more flexibility when planning your estate by permitting you to designate whomever you wish as a beneficiary, such as a spouse, child or charity.

A traditional IRA - You can roll over your funds to a traditional IRA, which preserves the potential for your savings to grow tax deferred.  With a rollover, your funds go directly from our former employer's retirement plan to the IRA.  This allows you to avoid income tax and any mandatory withholding that would otherwise apply.

Finally, an IRA rollover allows you to invest in a wider range of investment options and products.  Greater choice permits broader investment diversification, which can help you better manage your risk and meet your long-term goals.

It's time to make a smart financial decision.  Whether you are changing jobs or retiring, now may be the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your investment strategy and make sure your retirement savings are on track.

To simplify the decision-making process, design a strategy, and select the best option based on your needs and long-term goals, please contact our office.  Our advisors are waiting to hear from you and help.